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Tim Kami


Salam dari para pendiri + para desainer studio!

Kami adalah enam sahabat yang telah mengerjakan proyek arsitektur, interior, lanskap, dan desain kreatif sejak 2016.

Lulus bersama sebagai Sarjana Teknik Arsitektur dari Institut Teknologi Bandung, masing-masing dari kami memiliki keterampilan dan pengalaman yang berbeda.

Semua dicapai melalui perjalanan yang menyenangkan

lebih dari 4 tahun dalam bidang desain bangunan, manajemen proyek, dan industri kreatif.

Tim kami

Tujuan utama kami adalah membantu sesama meningkatkan kualitas hidup melalui desain dan tata ruang, sekaligus memberikan dampak yang berarti bagi masyarakat lokal dan lingkungan alam!

Arahkan kursor ke foto kami  !
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O-so oshipshio! Meet Avi, the one who you could probably call ‘a jack of all trades’. Though she mainly focuses on interior space projects, she has had various work experience ranging from architecture, interior design, event design, graphic design, branding, and even illustrating! She wishes to create integrated design systems that synergize one another and result in a space that could make the world a better place. She’s a natural virtuoso who loves trying out new things and constantly looks forward to designing for the greater good!

Full Body.jpg

Inas Raras

O-la from @inasraras, the hustler of o studio! She cares about the earth so much that she hopes she can do something to protect it -- that became her utmost spirit to seek circular solutions for every project with hundreds of environmental concerns in mind. Her head is always full of open tabs with a bunch of ideas and she obviously can’t wait for more projects ahead! She believes that small changes could ignite greater impacts, and collaboration is one of the most essential keys to achieve them. That is why she started o studio and o lab with a big dream in mind: to give something meaningful not only for people, but also for the planet.


Full Body.jpg
PBG Inas.jpg

Inas Raras Maheningtyas


+ Lead Architect

PBG Avi.jpg

Aviannisa Hadi


+ Lead Interior Designer


Halo, meet @tiroval! The Eye of o studio. She always judges the ‘book’ by its cover. She likes to make everything pleasing to see and feel, therefore she shapes the visual of the studio. Bigger than that, her enthusiasm in art and visual designs excites her to make something meaningful to others. She believes in socially responsible design driven by its people, culture, inclusivity, and sustainability as the main principle. Meeting new people inspires her, so she would really like to collaborate with everyone who got remarkable ideas through o studio!

Full Body A.jpg

Nadia Ayu

Hal-o! Meet @nadiaamf, the meticulous one. She is the one that pays attention to every detail in o studio. She has a wide range of interests but her experiences in the built environment, landscape specifically, has broadened her perspectives and knowledge about the environment and the values that it holds. She aspires to take her part as the landscape architect to build mindfully-designed projects towards a better future!

Full Body A.jpg
PBG Nami.jpg

Nadia Ayu Muthia Fadhilla


+ Lead Landscape Architect

PBG Tibun.jpg

Tiffani Rossa Valindia


+ Creative Director


Hello! Meet @asmitapu, the quirkiest, the one who keeps spreading the happy pills. She is on a mission of discovering the relationship of people and culture to the design process of our built environment. She believes by understanding people, their culture, and their beautiful stories, both in the past and present, we can unveil the hidden dialogues between people and environment. So then, balance relationships between nature and people can be formulated :)

Full Body A.jpg


Hi everyone! Meet @larasarume! A multidisciplinary designer  with passions in architecture, art, design, technology, performances, culture, history, communities and cities ! yes she’s interested in many things. Her specialties in computation and interaction widens her thoughts on the built environment. How can technology help us design better? How can we design for a better tomorrow?

Full Body.jpg
PBG Asmita.jpg

Asmita Puspasari


+ Head of People and Culture

PBG Ume.jpg

Arum Larasati Winarso


+ Lead Creative Technologist

BC Profile pic.jpg

Bennita Ciu

Associate Designer

VH Profile pic.jpg

Valeryn Horlanso

Associate Designer

Diandra Profile pic.png

Diandra Fadhilah

Associate Designer

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-06 at 09.44.36 pi

Dwi Hergiawan, IAI

Technical Advisor

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